Apps & Software for Smart Residences

Apps & Software for your Smart Connected Condo or Village

Sell Units, Show Services, Share with the Community

Show your projects units to their best in your clients' pocket. Sell more units and wow your buyers exclusive concierge services. Showcase a community even before your project is built.

Order, Buy and Redeem

Each item in the app can be booked, ordered or redeemed. Spa or tennis court bookings are done on the fly. Residents can order home delivery and even redeem services for loyalty points.


Create a loyalty program for your residence in minutes. Silver, Gold and Platinum levels are just examples of the tiers you can propose to your clients. Reward them for behaviour and purchases.

Community Communications

Feedback, Surveys (with Smiley faces :) ), directories and online chat* are just some of the many communications means available for residents.

Smart Home Control

Control your home lights, blinds, AC, TV, water, fountains, air purifiers, you name it - from your own phone or tablet.

One Project or Many!

Whether you are developing one project or many - AppyCondo helps serve your residential community.

Phone & Tablet, Apple, Android, Web and TV*!

AppyCondo is available on most phones and tablets as well as on mobile. A new TV version is in the works.

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